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    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Storyboard

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    General Tire Commercial

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    Ferrari GTC4 V8 Commercial

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    Howlin’ Kids logo

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    Honda Civic All New Commercial



I'm Lorenzo Bittini, an italian artist living and working in Florence.
I have got more than 16 years of experience working as graphic/web designer, illustrator and visualizer, both employed and self-employed, for enterprises, agencies and public institutions.
I’m a versatile artist with interdisciplinary skills and strong bases in both traditional and digital 2D techniques.
Currently I work mostly like storyboard artist for short movies, videoclip and commercials (e.g. Ferrari, Jaguar, Honda). Besides I'm involved in different projects in animation, comics and other creative fields. Recently I co-found Howlin’Kids, a new-born independent video-games studio, where I play a role of art director, concept artist and graphic assets creator.


I am available for freelance commissions. If you are interested on my work, or for any requests, feel free to contact me. Thank you!